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Business problem solving
  • Sales / Customer Management Development
  • Investment Case
  • Blue Sky - Scenario Planning Workshops

Business problem solving

Providing an effective answer for business can involve a wide mix of business and marketing activities. In addition to our core service we can help you identify what is needed and brief appropriate support services.

Sales / Customer Management Development:

This falls into two key areas:

  • Product/Service Brand Strategy and the relaying of features and benefits.
  • Development of Selling & Customer Management skills.

We can help you through this process with the workshops and guides we produce. We will identify selling skills organisations and provide briefing and management.

Investment Case:

If you need investment to support your business ideas, we can help you prepare your investment case. We can help you with preparing your Business Plan and Return on Investment projections. This will help you set a value for your business and allow you to seek additional investment capital. We can help you with introductions to venture capitalists.

Blue Sky – Scenario Planning Workshops:

We can hold and moderate workshops where you can investigate operating a variety of business modules. Your staff may find this invigorating and allow you some space to think outside the box for a short while.

Scenario planning is a way for you to tap into the innovation potential for your business.

For example:

  • Managing Complex Business Portfolios
  • Winning New Customers
  • Maximising Lifetime Customer Value
  • Entering New Markets
  • Building Strong Propositions
  • Pricing